Vishvas International Private Limited is a blessed name by Swami Vishvas Ji

We sincerely thank Swami Vishvas Ji for what we are today, we have raised in his blessings!

Vishvas International Private Limited (VIPL) is a ladies garment manufacturing and exporting company specializing in woven and knit styles.

Ever since its conception; the company has risen manifold and touched new heights. Dynamic approach, focus and absolute dedication of its founders and workers has added to its succes story and it now features among the most reputed and sought after garment exporting companies of India. VIPL has overcome various challenges and has over the years served its customers with the best services ranging from design to on-time delivery. With immense experience in the field it caters to all needs of the garment importers across the globe. The company keenly follows the latest trends across the fashion  world and keeps updating its services according to the requirements of the international garment market.

As a responsible, resourceful & resilient business enterprise, VIPL is committed to remain customer driven and customer focused at all times. At VIPL, we follow a single-point agenda which is to set new standards in fashion industry along with providing 100 percent customer satisfaction.

VIPL produces two million garments annually. With a dedicated quality control team and customer care system its production process is geared towards delivering flawless quality garments on committed time. Its state of the art manufacturing facility is manned by an experienced team of committed professionals. We have invested on intensive systems to control our business flow and have a quality team architecture that ensures the best product for the given price at every step. As a SA 8000 certified company in terms of social compliance we conduct business with dignity according to the established rules and regulations and keeping high moral standards.

Our mission is to determine our pursuit towards newer innovations and mission-critical solutions, and to do so we shall keep on adapting ourselves with the technological improvements to be the first and foremost in meeting the buyers' expectations.